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Llandeilo Station Hub

The Heart of Wales Line runs for 120 miles between Swansea and Shrewsbury through stunning scenery and is a popular tourist destination in its own right. The stations along the line are gateways to our towns and the more they are used, the more they can help the area to prosper. The idea for installing a “Hub” at Llandeilo Station is part of the Heart of Wales Line Enterprise Network’s programme to strengthen the links between railway and community, boosting tourism and rural regeneration. We are very grateful to Economy and Transport Minister Edwina Hart for her support in this project.


Llandeilo Station.

A Small Space with Great Potential

The Heart of Wales Line Enterprise Network has worked with designers in Wales to produce the “Station Hub.” It’s a small, 6m x 2.9m transportable building made from sustainably sourced Welsh wood with covered aisle leading to DDA compliant toilet. The design itself is inspired by railway heritage. The building will be well insulated, robust and secure and will have full access for the disabled. We think it could be a great space for community and local business use. The plan is to install the very first station hub at Llandeilo Station, at the edge of the Network Rail storage yard.


Station Hub, Llandeilo.

Take Part in Our Questionnaire



Drop-in Event at Llandeilo Civic Hall

Community First

During September we were out and about in Llandeilo asking people what they thought about having a station hub and providing opportunity for people to get involved. We also organised an online questionnaire in which 75 people took part. On the 5th October we held a public meeting at the Civic Hall, to present the results of the questionnaire and to discuss next steps. There was a lively discussion, chaired by Community Rail’s Professor Paul Salveson. Several local businesses would like to use the hub – including as a café, a sale and distribution point for local produce and a transport hub linking to tourist destinations. There is also support for making better use of the environment around the station, in particular for walkers and cyclists.



Llandeilo Civic Hall, 5th October

Next Steps

We plan to explore how we can accommodate a number of these ideas. We are also interested in the possibility of a 'rural concierge' project to welcome visitors and organise trips and activities. In the short term, we think increasing footfall to the station and improving the visitor experience will create the right foundations for the long-term viability of the hub and its potential to benefit both rail use and the local economy. Our pioneering work has attracted significant national interest. We are in discussion with people from the railway industry, community rail and the Department of Transport regarding a partnership with Bamford Makers that might see the development of further hubs at other locations.


Llandeilo Civic Hall, 5th October